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RHOBA project (02-12-2017)

RHOBA project – Reconstruction the daily habitat to promote the integration of migrants in Trieste

The RHOBA project was centred around the Diurnal centre in Via Bonomo, Trieste, to organise the collective spaces of this hosting facility for migrants. It was implemented by Kallipolis in cooperation with ICS (Italian Consortium of Solidarity) and the Cassiopea Social Cooperative. First, on 21st February 2017, guests of the centre were consulted on their ideas on the objectives of the project. Then, migrants participated in a carpentry workshop to produce furniture for the centre and in a tailoring workshop to produce furnishing accessories. Finally, the remodelled ground floor of the Diurnal centre of Via Bonomo was inaugurated on 15th December 2017.


Migrazione e contesti urbani
Gestione dell’accoglienza e nuove opportunità
24/05/2018 – ICS Diurnal Center, Viale XX Settembre 105 Trieste

The conference « Migrations and urban contexts: welcoming management and new opportunities » was organised on 24th May 2018. Local projects working on integration in urban development were presented as an opener to a more general discussion on migration in urban contexts, its challenges but also its opportunities.


Beyond the Garden- Piazza Vittorio (13-14-04-2018)

On 13 and 14 April 2018, SPES participated in the Good Deeds Day 2018 at Piazza Vittorio, the main square of the Esquilino district, which is the most multicultural area of Rome. SPES organised its own initiative called “Beyond the Garden” during which various stands were set up and different activities offered to the public such as tailoring and carpentry workshops, African dances lessons, foreign languages workshops or games for children.