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Throughout the Summer of 2017, the LDA Mostar organised a variety of events to promote intercultural dialogue in the city of Mostar. On 29 July 2017, actors from the Mostar Youth Theatre presented an interactive performance for the ceremonial promotion of the book “Mostar jokes”. On 21 August 2017, young people involved in the #AšikMostar workshop presented a performance during the Mostar Summer Festival. From 4 to 8 September 2017, during the festival “New Hopes”, a cultural tour was organised by the participants to the workshop “Monuments in Motion” to review the role of monuments and their relations in society.

LDA Mostar

Asik Mostar – Workshop Performance (21-08-2017)

LDA Mostar

Caravan Next – Micro Event (04-09-2017)

LDA Mostar

Mostar jokes-Interactive Performance (29-07-2017)

Mostar Recipe Book

The « Mostar cookery book – food for the soul and body », written by Amela Rebac, was launched on 7th July 2018 as a product of the multi-ethnic and inclusive culture of the city of Mostar.

ada  Mostar

Center for Architecture, Dialogue and Art

Center ada represents an independent platform where citizens can consume the city as a cultural expression through architecture and art beyond the theory.

Goals / Manifest

  • support the idea of a “city for everyone.”
  • Access to the town through the discourse beyond the traditional urban parameters.
  • Establishing links between business and culture by creating new value in the city of Mostar and its long-term development.

How / Methodology

  • Development of exhibitions with contemporary and progressive content.
  • The expansion of our understanding of the city.
  • Ensuring greater participation of citizens.
  • The inclusion of a new way of reading the city by the professional milieu.

The Monography will present the Centar ada and its 6-years work and activates in establishing this independent platform by using art and architecture as a tool for a dialogue in divided society.  Centar ada was informally established by the Local Democracy Agency Mostar, the Centar for Contemporary art Fargfabrioken from Stockholm and Ms Senada Demirovic Habibija as a Curator of the Center.


City of Mostar

Intervention in the public space – Park Boulevard

Park Boulevard is located in the central urban area of the city of Mostar and was selected as the project target area after the territorial analysis. According to the findings, only 7% of the inhabitants who are in Mostar for two generations and longer, live in the central urban area. The evident problem of the city after the great demographic changes that took place during the war of the 1990s is the preservation of culture and traditions.

By intervention in the Park Boulevard we try to engage the local inhabitants and to encourage their greater participation in creating an environment favourable to the preservation of local culture and tradition. The renovated end relived park would serve as a public space opened for local and wider city population, for culture and art activities.  For the local population this was also the important learning process on how to use a democratic tools of participatory planning.